What Do You Need To Make Scented Candles At Home?

If you want to learn how to make scented candles at home that are cheaper than buying them, try a weekend candle-making kit for a beginner. This will get you started and you can buy refill kits.

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What do you need to make scented candles?

Most candle kits come with everything you need. Here is a simple overview of what it takes to make candles at home.

How do you make candles at home?

Making scented candles at home can be fun and cheaper than store-bought. I use canning jars that are typically available at a local grocery store.

You can also upcycle containers that can withstand the heat from the flame. The best containers for upcycled candles are coffee mugs or previously used candle jars.

Reusing candle containers is environmentally friendly and they can be easily cleaned if you use soy wax. Most candle wax can be removed from a container by pouring hot water into the container and allowing the wax to soften up and float to the top.

The candle containers can be cleaned out with soapy water and wiped clean with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel to remove any residue.

I clean my jars with rubbing alcohol when they are new to make sure the glue attaches the wick securely. Sometimes dust settles in the jars.

If you do not have hot glue you can use super glue or E6000 (craft glue) or an RTV gasket glue. Keep in mind that the stronger the glue, the less likely you are to get the wick tab off later on to re-use the jar.

You want to keep the wick from moving while the candle is burning but it does not need to be permanent.

If you are using a candle kit the container and wick have been selected for you. This is because the wick size needs to match the container’s diameter size. Wicks are numbered corresponding to the diameter.

The bigger the number the bigger the container diameter. This is a very general statement. There are some other factors that come into play during candle making.

Most container candles are made with soy wax or a soy wax blend. A soy wax blend is the best wax to start with when you are a beginning candle maker. It is the easiest to work with.

The best candle wax to start with as a beginner is IGI 6006. It is a blend of soy and paraffin with a wonderful hot throw and creamy texture. IGI 6006 makes a perfect beginner container candle wax.

Now that we have clarified a few things let’s make some candles. We are going to make (1) 8- ounce jar candle. If you are using a 1/2 pint canning jar this is perfect.

If you have a pint canning jar, double the candle-making recipe below.

  1. Place a dot of glue on the bottom of the wick clip and place it in the jar securely on the bottom of the center of the jar. Press firm.
  2. Place a melting pot or pouring pitcher on your scale and set it to zero.
  3. Place about 6 ounces (by weight) soy wax in the pitcher (pot).
  4. Place the melting pot inside a double boiler or pot with water on medium heat. Never melt wax directly on a heat source it may scorch.
  5. Heat the wax to about 185 degrees F and remove it from the heat.
  6. Let the wax cool to about 160 – 165 degrees F and place the melting pot on your scale and set it to zero.
  7. Pour about 1/2 ounces fragrance oil into the wax and gently stir for about 1 minute.
  8. Pour the mixture into your canning jar.
  9. Center the wick at the top of the jar with your stick and let the candle set up.
  10. After about 24 hours, trim the candle wick to about 1/8 – 1/4″ from the top of the wax level.
  11. Your candle needs to cure for a couple of days before you burn to get the best aroma.

I have another article with a video that may help.

If you decide to use essential oils in your candles it will take more to get a good aroma. Not all essential oils are safe to burn so understand which ones are before you use them. Please use fragrance oils designed for candles to get the best result.

Candles can be colored using candle dye. I use the liquid dye and add it just after the wax has melted and reached 185. I am also happy with just a white candle. They have an elegantly simple look in a mason jar.

Candles can also be made in heavy bowls or heavy glassware.

There are some candle-making supply vendors that sell refill kits that can be heated in the microwave that will save you some money and time.

These are fun if you want to decorate with a specific candle container but do not want to be involved with the entire process. The wax mixture is done for you. You heat and pour into a prepared container with the wick.

These are popular with the farmhouse dough bowl candles.  An initial candle can be expensive and it is not practical to keep buying them. It makes more sense to refill them.

You can learn to make your own dough bowl candles in the article –> here.

Another candle-making craft is to decorate premade candles. This is another candle that can be made at home easily and is way more economical.

Making a scented candle at home gives you the freedom to customize the candles to your color, shape, size, fragrance, and embellishments.

What do you need to make scented pillar candles at home?

To make scented pillar candles at home the wax has to be changed to something harder that does not need the support of the container. Harder waxes like beeswax or paraffin are used as a wax blend or 100% wax.

Because this wax is harder and flexible it can also be rolled from a poured sheet. It can also be carved while it is still warm.

Pillar candles can be made from home without a mold by rolling them. You will need the following.

  1. Place a melting pot or pouring pitcher on your scale and set it to zero.
  2. Place about 12 ounces (by weight) of beeswax or paraffin wax in the pitcher (pot).
  3. Place the melting pot inside a double boiler or pot with water on medium heat. Never melt wax directly on a heat source it may scorch.
  4. Heat the wax to about 185 degrees F and remove it from the heat.
  5. Place the melting pot on your scale and set it to zero.
  6. Pour about 3/4 ounces fragrance oil into the wax and gently stir for about 1 minute.
  7. Pour the mixture into your sheet pan.
  8. Let the candle wax set up until soft but firm and still warm.
  9. Cut a piece of wick about 12″ long.
  10. Cut the wax in half along the 18″ to make 2 candles.
  11. Place the wick near the one edge and start to roll the wax on itself across the length of the pan.
  12. Repeat this for the second candle.
  13. Roll the candle gently on the baking sheet to keep its round shape and allow the layers to bond.
  14. Stand the candle upright on the baking sheet and press gently but firmly to create a flat surface so the candle stands upright.
  15. After about 24 hours, trim the candle wick to about 1/8 – 1/4″ from the top of the wax level.

This makes a very hygge or rustic candle and can be decorated with embellishments. To get a more refined look, candle molds made from metal can be purchased or cardboard molds can be made.

Harder waxes like paraffin can be used to make a variety of different shapes with silicone molds. These can be collected and made at home.

Some of my 3 wick candles are made from old cake pans that I drilled holes in to place the wicks. Paraffin wax pops out of metal cake pans just as easily as metal candle pillar molds.

What do you need to make scented candles that look like food?

Candles can be made as mentioned above in combination with different techniques such as whipped wax.

To make wax that looks like frosting you will need an old mixer that you would use for cake making. As the wax starts to set up start to beat the wax until it looks like frosting. This takes some practice.

Candle wax has the same physical properties as chocolate. Many chocolate or food molds are used to make candle ingredients that look like food.

The key is the make sure the coloring matches food and does not look cartoonish. The secret ingredient that you need is gel wax.

Gel wax is used to make candles look like food. This candle wax has a transparent characteristic that looks like syrups and jellies that make the candles believable. Soy wax will absorb the gel wax over time and dry it out so it is best used with paraffin wax.

Is it cheaper to buy candles or make candles?

It is cheaper to make candles. The markup for retail candles is 4 times the cost to produce. Candles can be made cheaper at home by reusing candle containers or upcycling heat-safe containers.

Candle-making supplies can be purchased from a candle supply store to refill a candle-making kit or to continue a candle-making hobby.

Is candle-making profitable?

Candle making is a craft that can be performed at home part-time and is profitable. Many chandlers make candles and sell at weekend markets, craft shows, or farmer’s markets.

This hobby is easily turned into a small business due to the large market for candles and the high profit margin. Candle-making businesses have low start-up and overhead costs.

Where do you get candle-making supplies?

Candles and candle-making are very popular. This has also lead to a huge demand for candle-making supply vendors. Candle supply businesses and candle-making businesses are found in almost every state within the USA. I have a list to share with you to find what you need.

How do I start a small candle-making business?

Because candles are so popular and have a low start-up, this hobby can grow into a small business with some hard work. In my early days as a candle maker, I started selling candles to family and friends to help pay for my supplies.

A candle business can scale as you grow. This means that a couple of hundred dollars can get you started and the profits can be reinvested to continue to improve and add.

Because you don’t need a lot of heavy equipment in the beginning you can do create a candle business out of your home with no or little overhead.

With e-commerce today the need for a physical location is in the past. Candles can be sold completely online or at events.