How Do I Make My Own Candle Labels?

Creating labels for your candles is a perfect opportunity to brand your product exactly how you want. Doing them yourself allows you to print on demand or making changes as you need.

Making your labels saves time and money. It gives you the freedom to design your brand and carry a large variety of styles without the huge inventory of labels. Printing on demand gives you the flexibility to make changes without scrapping tons of printed material.

The best label sources to make candle labels online are and

Both have templates to use and both allow you to customize each label or the entire sheet. Both also offer an account set up with support.

Images or clipart can be used from places like to give your label that extra look. Each also offers to have them printed for you. and have teamed up to help you find the correct size label for your jar. This is great!

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What you will need to make candle labels

You need a computer with a printer.

You can print with an inexpensive printer in black and white and work up as you can. Start with what you can afford. You do not need to print high-resolution images so printing with an inkjet printer works just fine.

I use an HP All-In-One Inkjet. I paid a little over $200 for it a couple of years ago and it has worked well.

Before you buy any labels, make some mock-ups of what you think you may want. I did some test labels with paper, cut them out, and taped them on a jar to see how they would look.

Visit both websites and play with the templates to see what appeals to you. Print some ideas to try.

Some things to keep in mind are that the more decorative your label, the more ink you will use. Labels can become a bigger cost before you know it!  Take some time to shop both websites to get an idea of what this cost would be. The fancier the label, the more they cost.

Planning now will save you money later and you will not end up with a bunch of labels you cannot use.

The only other thing you will need is your choice of labels. That is it!

What should be on your candle label and the legal requirements

This varies by region so check with your local authority to be certain. The label on the candle is more than just the product description.

It gives the customer the candle care instructions and the safety instructions to follow. Avery has done a wonderful job of putting this label on their website. It makes it so easy for us candle makers to print off the label we need. I print these in 1.5” round labels and attach them to the bottom of all my candles.

The candle warning label, as most call it, is universal for all of my candles. This label can often be cheaper pre-printed in a roll from Amazon. I find that true with many generic labels. We want to add special touches to our product labels.

First, we need to cover what has to be on your candle label. I am in the United States so this may not apply elsewhere. Again, check with your authority to ensure you are following the law. Check the FDA labeling laws. Your label should have the following:

  • Name of the product (“Soy Candle”, “Candle”)
  • The net weight in ounces and grams (weight of the wax, not container)
  • Business Name (Your Name)
  • Means to contact you directly or indirectly (I use my website address, my info is there)
  • Warnings or Alerts

What size label should I use for my candle?

Candle Science has put together a label reference chart that matches up to their containers and Avery labels. I found this very helpful. It is hard to visualize what label will look good on a container before you have them. This is why I suggest the mockup.

I found that placing a round label on a container was easier to work with than a square or rectangle. I could not always get them on straight and it was frustrating. With practice, this got better, but this may be something to consider. Not every label looks good on every container.

I prefer to keep the label clean and simple. This makes it easy to read. An advantage to owning a candle store is the feedback from customers. I can talk to people as they visit and shop. I have asked people about the labels, the colors, the jars, and gift sets.

When it comes to the labels, most people did not have an opinion other than they liked to reuse the jar and take the label off. They also mentioned that they liked candles that the label did not hide the glow of the flame while they were lit. It has been in my plan to switch to a clear label based on that information. I think the clear labels look nice. It is a personal choice and should be a reflection of your brand.

Designing a candle label

This is an area I wish I has spent more time on. I think it is worth looking at other brands from the big box stores to the artisan candles to get an idea of what you like. Do not copy. Start by answering some questions.

  • Will you be using graphics to describe your brand? Logo?
  • Will you use graphics to describe the candle fragrance? Where will you get them?
  • What font will you use? Stay consistent with only 1 or 2.
  • What colors will you use? Black and white? How will this impact your printing?
  • Does your product line include wax melts? Will the label carry over?
  • Can the design match your shipping packaging or gift wrapping?
  • Does it fit for an overall branding scheme?

I am including links to the resources I found most helpful. I wish I had this in the beginning. I do not have an affiliate link and am not sponsored but I like these and what to pass on the information.