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General Candle Making Terms

  • Fragrance Load – the amount of fragrance oil wax can absorb while candle making
  • Cold Throw (CT) – the ability to smell a candle when it is cold and not lit
  • Hot Throw (HT) – the ability to smell a candle when it is lit, hot, and reached a full melt pool.
  • Melt Pool – the top liquid portion of the wax when a candle is burning
  • FO – Fragrance Oil
  • EO – Essential Oil
  • Flashpoint – the minimum temperature at which a liquid gives off vapor sufficient to form an ignitable mixture

Candle Making Calculator Candle Making Calculator

This will help you calculate how much wax and fragrance oil to use in your candle container. Candle wax is lighter by weight and cannot be measured by volume. To find the fluid ounces for your candle, fill the container with water about half an inch from the top leaving room for the wick. Pour the water into a measuring cup. Find the closest measurement for your container in the table. The math is done for you.
Candle Testing

  Candle Test Sticker Avery 5160

  Candle Test Log

Be sure to label your test candles and keep a log of your findings for your reference.

Best Candle Making Tips and Trouble Shooting Guide

Candle Making Troubleshooting Guide Playlist

Best Places to get Candle Making Supplies

Shop local when you can. I do as I save a ton in shipping.

I also get to meet the team at the supplier locations and can ask questions about their products. Most websites have support. Do not be afraid to ask. They know the products they sell more than anyone.

Mason Jars or canning jars – Walmart or Target – There is a website called that you can search for the lowest price near you or online. The best time to buy these is late fall when the canning season is almost over. Stores want to clear their inventory.  I often buy at Meijer when they run the sale for buy (1) case get (1) 50% off.

Best Places to get candle making supplies

Candle Care Card Examples


Candle Care CARD

candle care card


Thank You Cards

Crown Chakra Avery Sticker 8293

Third Eye Chakra Avery Sticker 8293

Throat Chakra Avery Sticker 8293

Heart Chakra Avery Sticker 8293

Solar Plexus Chakra Avery Sticker 8293

Sacral Chakra Avery Sticker 8293

Root Chakra Avery Sticker 8293

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