Best Fragrances for Spring and Summer

Sometimes you just need to get away and an escape trend is through our senses. You have been in the house all winter and need a fresh start.

Fragrances can transform you through meditation or every day feelings of peace. Burning candles in your living space can trigger a memory or set the tone for the mood you need. Spring is a time of renewal and summer is connected to the outdoors.

Think of a scent that reminds you of your favorite vacation spot or your favorite Zen space. If you connect with that, you can release dopamine and some feel good senses for a quick “pick me up”.

Here are my favorite candle fragrances for spring and summer.

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10. Peony

9. Citrus

8. Baby Powder

7. Cherry Blossom

6. Jasmine

5. Rain

4. Coconut

3. Lemongrass

2. Dragon’s Blood

1. Lavender