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About Down Home Wicks

Sharron Gimik is the creator and owner of Down Home Wicks and has been making candles for years. What started as a quest to make her own quality candles turned into a passion for supplying the community! She works full time as a manufacturing engineer and has created a candle making side business for her creative outlet.

This hobby turned business can be found at our local weekend markets, craft shows, and flea markets. This is the site where she shares everything she has learned. Maybe you will find the inspiration to be crafty. (And now you know where to sell all that stuff you make!)

Down Home Wicks

As with many candle makers, Sharron also makes wax melts, bath bombs, and artisan soap. A crowd favorite craft with candle wax is also the aroma bears she makes during the holiday season. This is where it all started.

Sharron’s first real sale started with aroma bears. This is a scented stuffed animal. She wanted one for herself and sold the extra from the batch on Facebook. Little did she know word of mouth spread quickly and that year she made about 300 bears! Go to YouTube and she will show you how they are made.

I started making candles when I was young and information was not as readily available. Candle making supplies have also developed greatly throughout the years. I hope to pass on what I have learned to you.